About Notaries

BC Notaries are unique in North America, providing non-contentious legal services to the public.

The tradition of Notaries goes back over 2000 years. It was Notaries who laid down the Codex Hammurabi, the oldest evidence of recorded law. Notaries were also historically employed by the Catholic Church to guide the light of civilization through the Dark Ages.

It was the Notary’s unshakable reputation for trustworthiness that ensured documents retained their  reliability throughout centuries of upheaval. That trust and reliability remain the very cornerstones of today’s modern Notary practice.

All BC Notaries fall under the Notaries Act of BC and are governed under the disciplines and standards of their professional Notary Society. Today, the position of Notary as a member of one of the branches of the legal profession is sanctioned and safeguarded by law. The professional work of a Notary is covered by an insurance plan that protects the public.

BC’s Notaries are proud to reflect British Columbia’s many ethnic backgrounds and languages and they put the highest priority on the quality of service to every member of their local communities.


Mission Statement

The mission of The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia is to ensure that its members provide the highest standard of notarial services to the public. In support of this mission, The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia is committed to the advancement and protection of the public interest by:

  • Ensuring the provision of notarial services of the highest standard and maintaining the integrity of its members
  • Selecting, educating, and examining the best possible prospective members
  • Providing continuing education programs to its members in order to increase their knowledge, skill and proficiency in all matters relating to the lawful practice of the profession of Notaries Public
  • Establishing and regulating professional and ethical standards
  • Supervising and disciplining its members
  • Researching and implementing services that may form the lawful practice of Notaries Public.