November 19, 2016

Moving on up

Sun Peaks Resort has long been one of my favorite places to go.  My family has been coming up here for years to ski, snowboard, snowmobile and hike.… Read More
February 20, 2013

Happy Endings: Telling Your Own Story

It is one of the sad facts of life that dealing with the estate of a loved one occurs when we are also dealing with the grief of loss. Acting as an executor or administrator… Read More
January 29, 2011

Getting There

It is interesting talking to clients and acquaintances about their perceptions of what a Notary Public does and the requirements to become a member of this… Read More
January 25, 2011

So What Exactly is a Notary Anyway?

Notaries have a long and distinguished history dating back to 1700 BC where they laid down the oldest evidence of recorded law, the Codex Hammurabi or The Code… Read More