February 20, 2013

Happy Endings: Telling Your Own Story

It is one of the sad facts of life that dealing with the estate of a loved one occurs when we are also dealing with the grief of loss. Acting as an executor or administrator of an estate can be a time consuming and taxing job, just when we our emotional energy is sapped.

Many of my clients have made appointments to have their Wills written because they have just finished, or are in the process of, dealing with the estate of a family member and are determined to make things easier for their own family when they die.

Dying without a Will, disorganized documents, no contact information for investment advisors and  insurance brokers, assets registered incorrectly, are all among the complaints that I hear far to often.

Your BC Notary Public can assist you and your executor in a number of ways. First we can help you prepare your Will and other personal planning documents such as Power of Attorney, Representation Agreements and Health Care Directives.

Notaries are often asked to certify copies of original Wills, Death Certificates and the affidavits required when filing probate documents.

The Society of Notaries Public has prepared a reference guide for you to use when organizing your affairs or to organize information if you are acting an as an executor. You can access a copy of this guide, called Happy Endings: Telling your own story, on the Resources page of my website or by clicking here A reference guide for your Executor.