February 4, 2011

Maturity Matters Newsletter

Every so often a training opportunity becomes available that can truly make a difference in the way that services are offered in our community. I have completed such a program offered by Age-Friendly Business®, and have successfully earned the designation of Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)®.

This course was unique in that it addressed the health, social, and financial aspects of aging. We covered over 24 different topics ranging from Retirement, Chronic Illness, Housing, Alzheimer Disease, Ethnocultural considerations of aging, Senior Nutrition and Fitness, Caregiving and Long-term Care, Canada’s Health Care System, Estate Planning, End of Life Planning, Canada’s Income Security Programs and so much more. I know that the information that I learned will make a difference in my business and personal life, and I look forward to regularly sharing information with you about some of the interesting and important issues we face as we navigate the years ahead.

Please follow this link to access the current CPCA newsletter.

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