October 16, 2012

Power of Attorney for Out-of-Town Students

While many people think of a Power of Attorney as a tool to help older relatives with their daily finances or take care of the affairs of a loved one who is gravely ill, it can also be useful for students.

At this time of year, many young adult children are heading off to university. They may want help with day-to-day issues such as banking, paying bills, or even making housing arrangements. The only way a parent can do those things for an adult child is through a Power of Attorney.

BC Notary Tiah Workman says, “It came as a shock when someone pointed out to me that my son was no longer my child—he was now an adult of legal age! After he moved away to school, I could not help him take care of his responsibilities here in Nanaimo without a Power of Attorney. I can tell you I had a Power of Attorney document all ready for him to sign when he arrived for his next visit! It came in particularly handy when we had to sublet his Victoria apartment for him when he left the province for 8 months to work in a co-op position!”

You never know when a Power of Attorney arrangement will come in handy, so it’s best to have one in place and keep it up to date.

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